2009 Gem E2 Brakes & Charger

Hello, I have recently started trying to fix up my Gem after it’s sat for a few months. I replaced all of the original deka batteries with AC delco 12 volt 950 CCA group 31 sealed flooded batteries. I just installed and have it plugged in now. Two questions I have:

  1. I’ve read that the delta Q charger should be reprogrammed to recognize the flooded lead batteries opposed to the original deka gel. The gel batteries charge slower and thus would take additional charging time for the new flooded lead. Is the charging Just a time thing? If I didn’t change the charger would I still be getting at least 70-80% life and power out of the new batteries? I only ask because I have read the how to’s for the reprogramming and am completely lost on how to do that. I’m not even sure where tk get the insulated wire cables that are required. If this is not crucial ie life or death than I would rather Jusy charge it for a few extra hours. Please tell me if this is just plain ignorant and what the potential ramifications could be and odds of actually happening.

  2. While driving I hear a light metallic scraping noise. Im sure this is from the brakes. The brakes are original and pads are worn completely down. They still work, but it scrapes when stopping and it certainly isn’t a smooth stop. Please tell me if I can just buy pads, as rotors seem a little rusted but smooth. I’ve seen conflicting posts about Jusy changing brake shoes and others that require drums and conversion kits and seem like a pain. Is this something I could do? Are there any laymen guides to changing pads? Where can I get these parts? Is there a part number I could search online. As I’m sure you’ve all experienced, there’s not really much info online for gems. Any good resources?

I read about the magic magnet. Do you think the brand new flooded ac delco will be enough to go faster than 25 and make this magnet worth the cost? Please advise. It would be nice to be able to go a little quicker as the main road by house is 35 mph speed limit.

  1. The wipers don’t work. Apparently on the left and only lever, up/down is turn signals while left right is supposedly the wipers? Can anyone confirm this? Any possible reason this wouldnt work? I replaced all fuses except for the two relays under dash. Would it help to replace those?

  2. The car is in great condition other than the things mentioned above. If I fixed all of them with the new batteries what do you think the going price would be? I live in Florida and there’s plenty of golfers. The car has 1850 miles on it. Is that low for a 2009?

  3. Does anyone know where you can purchase back seat or trunk? I think it would help the resell value to have a spot to put clubs or other passengers as it’s a 2 seater only.

  4. What size are the tires and are those easy to find? One of them seems to be a little dry rotted and was thinking about replacing it cheap (less than 100-160$). Also the hubcaps are cracked on one. Is that something that is sold individual? There are a couple of cracks in fiber glass too on frame. How can that be repaired? Is this something I could do from YouTube or need professional help?

I’m really trying to get the car in good working order because my brother in law has had recent medical issues and not able to get around much. However he loves being outside and I want to set him up with the car so he’s not stuck indoors because he can’t walk well. All help, Advice, and tips are welcome. I know some of this sounds like a dumb@22 but I’m willing to take advice. Thank you for your time and allowing me to join the club! P.s. sorry I know this is plenty more than two questions as originally stated. I just want it to be in good condition for the family and I don’t have a lot of capital. I’m on a shoe string budget and they say but willing to put in work as this will certainly be required if the elusive gem car.

It’s voltage and time. Gel cells have a different charge profile that doesn’t go to as high a voltage as that of flooded batteries. If you repeatedly charge flooded batteries on the Gel setting, you will ruin them rather quickly, as the charging voltage doesn’t get high enough to knock off the sulfite that forms on the plates and this will eventually build up enough to prevent the flow of electrons between plates, rendering your battery junk.

Short answer: change the algorithm to flooded asap.

Could be lots of things. Try and isolate where it’s coming from. Put it up on jack stands and spin the wheels by hand, listen for it.

Pads and shoes can be purchased from Polaris GEM and Ford Think Brake Parts - NEV Accessories

Changing them is really no different than any other vehicle.

The conversion kits you are hearing about are for 99-04 GEMs only. They convert the front drums to disc brakes. From 05 onward, they were built with discs in front.

Not when you charge them on gel setting it won’t.

But, once you fix your charger, yeah, the MM takes 5 seconds to connect and 35MPH should be dooable, even being an otherwise stock cart.

Push it towards the dash, that turns on the wipers.

Not working could be a bad switch, a bad relay, bad motor, damaged wiring… all kinds of possibilities.

Should be a sticker inside the cab on the roof / " headliner" that has the size on it. Or read the existing tires. It differs depending on the model GEM…

/shrug. I dunno. Post a thread in the sales section that you are looking for one. Or try NEVaccessories or ebay.

A fiberglass repair kit.

Anyone can patch fiberglass. Making it look like new depends on your abilities.