Trickle charger for my Ford Think?

I will not be using my Ford Think for a few months and will not be able to charge the batteries during this period. Are there tickle chargers I can use to keep the batteries charged up?

Turn the switch off it should be fine.
Else buy 6 pcs smart charger.
I bought 20 of them to use on all my toys.
I’ll try to find a link.
Good way to get battery balanced too.

I paid more than this!:eek:

This is no trickle charger. Smart charger.

12V 1250mA Volt SEALED Acid Lead Rechargeable Battery Charger F Car Motor Truck | eBay


Might order some more. I gave most of them away.:smiley:

Harbor Freight has 12 volt units - work good. Dave would get off on this - lots of wires :slight_smile:

I believe they are trickle chargers. I’ll look again. Of course, that’s what OP asked for.
The smart chargers are, well, smarter.:slight_smile:

I got my battery charger from 4wheelonline and so far I have no complaints. I use it when I’m not going to use my EV for a few weeks.