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When will produce the Batteries for Electric cars with small size and big capacity? Such type of battery will be very popular, because we can drive a long distance by electric car without recharging.

I bought myself an electric car. And although I work as an electrician myself I encountered a faulty battery repair in my car. Electrical profession https://www.electricianclasses.com/salary/ is not an easy profession. That’s why it’s a high-paying profession. But even professionals can be confronted with something not working properly. So it is better not to torment yourself and not to spend extra money. And just upgrade the battery to you. Can you advise some good models?

Technology is advancing. Tesla is coming up with more miniature electric cars battery systems and we expect more reduced sizes in the near future. Also the charging system is getting more and more advancement. Soon it shall be a breakthrough. It wont take long.

I just saw on amazon NOCO Genius Smart Chargers are 25%-60% off today and tomorrow.

I just picked up this 4-Bank Trickle Charger and Desulfator with Temperature Compensation for 1/2 off