Battery confusion e825

My Wife, and I, purchased an 825, with batteries labeled 2017, and 2018.
Being uninformed, we were hoping for more than 20, very short rides with our Sharpei. After each ride, I plugged cart back in, and heard charger spin up on front of cart, does that sound right ?
One day I forgot to plug back in, until next morning, and it immediately made the beeping sound. I presume because the batteries fell below the low limit ? I was, and am still extremely uniformed about the proper way to store, and/or charge, if we are only using once a week.
Now, batteries are depleted to the point of not even charging individually.
Seeking advice on new, affordable batteries, and how to properly maintain them.
Thank you in advance for any help.
God bless,
Scott and Carla

Check the water level in every cell of each battery. It should be about 1/4" above the plates.

If you did fully deplete the batteries, the onboard charger might not be able to start. You’ll have to get a manual / old school charger and hook up each battery individually for a few hours or days depending on the charger output.

Once they are charged that way, you can use the onboard charger again. Do you know which charger it is? Originally, e825’s came with either a Schott charger or a Zivan charger depending on the year. If it’s a Zivan, the error codes can be looked up here:

As for how often to charge them, the spedometer display will alternate between MPH and the charge level as you are driving. When the charge drops to a new level, it will display it then go back to MPH. IIRC, it also displays charge when you stop for a moment. Typically, I wait for it to drop to about 80% or less to charge, I try to avoid running below 40% as this can damage the lead batteries.

You can also go by mileage once you get a feel for your driving patterns.

Excellent information.
So grateful for your time, and help.
Wifey couldn’t understand the possible conversion to lithium.
So, for now, we purchased lead/acid, Duracell replacements.
I don’t know where, and what charger looks like, so I can identify it for future. Anything I need to do, specific to hook up, charging, for our new batteries ?
Thank you again, God bless
Scott and Carla

Regarding the charger, what year is the cart? Should be on the VIN sticker on the inside of the roof. The charger is under the dash, not hard to get to, just have to pull two screws and fight with velcro.

You aren’t turning the master disconnect off when you charge, are you? If you do, it won’t charge.

What batteries were in it when you bought it and what model did you replace them with?

Seems to be a 2002
I never really knew what disconnect switch was for, so never even turned it off. Also had no idea former batteries had to be checked/ filled monthly.
Old batteries must have been DURACELL ULTRA BATTERY, as they had no identifying labels, have pics, but don’t know how to post.
New batteries are Duracell Ultra BCI Group 31M Deep Cycle Marine & RV Battery

2002 is right around when they changed to Zivan chargers, although I’m not sure if all 2002’s have them. If it errors again, see if it’s beeping or not and what color(s) the led above the spedometer is flashing.

Anyway, I would clean any corrosion off of the posts and check the water in all the batteries. Then charge each one individually. A few hours after charging, check the voltage. They should all be above 12.6 If not, depending on how low it is, you might have a damaged or worn out battery.

I would also check the charger output voltage, but you are going to have to pull the top of the dash off to do that or get some really long lead extenders for your meter to be able to test from the 1st and 6th battery (front compartment, and under seat). See what the voltage is

My Wife, and I, are so grateful for your time/help. For some, like us, this was an expensive investment. Even though it is a 2002, we thought it seemed clean enough, and with the batteries having 2017/2018 stickers, thought it would bring us years of weekend putts around our 3 courses with our Pei puppies.
Can’t imagine how ignorant I appear.
I am willing to learn, whatever it takes, to preserve our community car.
I appreciate the patience, kindness, and especially the time, to guide me.
Going to hook up new batteries in the next hour. Everything clean, master off.
Anything else I need to do ?
Is there a break in period ?
Again, thank you so much.
God bless,
Scott and Carla

I would check the charger output and settings. Those 2017-2018 batteries should have lasted longer. Three big reasons I can think of that they would fail so soon:

  1. not maintained - water level allowed to drop too low causing damage
  2. incompatible with charger or setting - ie: AGM/Gell batteries being charged with a flooded lead acid (FLA) setting. This would eventually fry the battery due to the higher voltage
  3. defective charger or batteries.

You said the old ones were duracells also. Did they have fill caps or were they sealed batteries? If you don’t have a model number, what color were they? Gray & black or just black?

I was unaware of a few issues that probably didn’t help.
Not servicing batteries, believing they were maintenance free
Not turning off main after fully charging.
Letting it go below 40%.
I checked all new batteries, 12.7
What sort of tester do I need to check charger output, and what screws on dash to get to it ?
Thank you again, God bless

New batteries.
Cleaned, tightened, everything I could reach.
Turned on key
Red light above wrench
Let off e-brake
Red light off,
Should I plug in ?
Using 50’ 12/3

Oh, and what is this ?
Should it be in a specific place ?
Was just hanging out in front, hmm

That’s a temperature sensor for the charger. It just kind of lays on top of a battery. Maybe have to zip tie the cable to the bracket to hold it.

That could certainly have killed the old batteries.

If you want to check the charger output at the dash (easiest way): open the “hood” and look just below the windshield on the right and left, about maybe 6-8 inches in from the edge. Should be one large screw on either side (on mine they are Phillips head stainless, but not sure if that is original or not). Take those out and then just pry the dash up from the inside. The edge inside the cart is just velcroed in place.

Charging them even though they are at 95% is fine for the first time. It might even help balance (equalize) them

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