Out of town charging schedule

So duty calls and I have to go to work for 28 days. I have to decide how to store and charge the Think while I am on the ship. I do not want to come home to find the battery substantially discharged in my absence. No one will be operating the car while I am away.

I need to decide if I should leave the master switch in the on or off position.

I need to know if I should leave the Think charger plugged in while away.

My thought was to leave the Think charger plugged in but set the circuit on a weekly timer. I purchased a 110v 15a weekly digital timer switch. I would set the timer to turn on the charger AC supply circuit for 12 hours every Monday while I am on the ship. This would run the Delta Q charger for one cycle per week. In theory, I would come home to a fully charged battery bank.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My neighbor will check on the car for me during my time away.

Good move although every 2 weeks is enough. Make sure their watered up before you leave.

Rodney-Is there a problem in leaving the Delta Q plugged in for the month?
I leave my charger plugged in all the time and it only comes on as needed to top off the batteries… I have Gem Gel batteries.

Thanks for the tip. I am running new Deka 8631 Gels and have the Delta Q set up for algo 6. Nice not having to worry about the water. Just thought it would be best to force a full analyze/charge cycle every so often while I am at sea. Batteries were really discharged by the transport company over that brake light switch staying in the on position during the transport. I thought I might have lost 2 of the 6 new batteries but I used a car 12v charger to bring them back up to full charge a couple of times. Got them all to settle at about 13.3v after a few cycles on the car charger. Now the Delta Q seems to be doing a reasonable job of charging up the bank when I plug it in at night. Did I read that the Delta Q will run a countdown clock and run through an analyze/charge cycle every 28 days if left to its own? I was just concerned that if there was any drain on the 72v system, the batteries could get too low for the Delta Q to do its job over a 28 day cycle. The timer is only programmable by the week so looks like I am going to have to run it 1 time per week. Timer was $30 for Qty 2 on amazon.

Most chargers have to be unplugged after charging to reset for the next charge cycle.
This applies to DeltaQ and Zivan. Recent models and updated Zivans can be left plugged in and they will monitor Pack condition and turn on automatically when needed.

Your safe with the timer no matter what brand of charger.