GEM car 2001 with old gel batteries 72V total

Leaving for 7 months out of state. What should I do for my 5 year old gel dry batteries?
I will set the lever to “OFF” for the batteries. Should I have a someone here plug the cord in every month?
Does the off position preserve storage in the batteries at all? Can I charge the batteries with the lever to "OFF? or does it have to be in the “ON” position?

Buy a heavy duty plug in electric timer. 15amp. Set it to turn on for 8-10 hours once every 7 days. Plug the cart in to it and it into the wall outlet. Leave the disconnect in the ON position. If you set it to off, the batteries can’t charge.

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My opinion. If batteries (any) won’t hold a charge with switch off for a year, they need to be replaced.

Great Idea. Beats having my relatives plug it in every so often.

I use 2 timers. A one week timer set for one day of a week. I then plug A 1 day timer into that timer and set it for 8 hours. Then plug the Gem into that timer .That will run the charger for 8 hours every 3 weeks.

Forgot to tell you to set the 1 week timer to run 8 hours on that 1 day a week.

Great tip because I wouldn’t know the amount of time. Thanks