Charger Quesions

This may seem stupid but;

Does the GEM charger have a built in timer? I plug mine in every time I get home and sometimes when I have not used it for a week or so (being plugged in the entire time) when I unplug the charger to leave the batteries are dead. Do I need to put some type of timer at the plug to cycle it? Not sure whats up with this.



Most chargers have to be unplugged to recycle. However batteries should not be dead in only a week.

Its funny, the dash bar gauge will show them as 2-3 bars, well below the 50% recommended stop and recharge rate, I usually wont drive it when its below about 50%. This has happened a few times. Key off no additional draws, not lights etc… left on charger plugged in and a few days later I will come out, unplug the GEM hop in and the dash will show 25% or less… Not sure what causing this. I will test all the batteries this weekend and go back through each one to make sure they do not have any loose connections. Our roads are paved but they are still asphalt and not the smoothest.

If anyone has additional suggestions plz throw them out…

You don’t say hold old or what type of batteries you have so this may not apply to you.

I’ve noticed this behavior when my batteries have “aged”. When they are new, no problem but when they get old, it seems to occur. I’ve decided it’s probably sulfation drawing the battery down faster than the trickle charge can keep it charged. Only solution I’ve found is to eventually replace the batteries. Incidentally I don’t have the factory charger any longer. Rather I have a 3rd party charger from “Quick Charge Corp” installed so their “trickle charge” algorithm may also be different.


Sounds more like the battery pack is nearing the end of its life. Check voltage of each battery. How old is the battery pack. What brand and model are the batteries. For longest battery life charge at end of every use. Note original charger charges the pack to cutoff. It DOES NOT trickle charge or charge again untill disconnected and re connected. For storage many of the guys have set up a pair of timers to turn on the charger every 2 weeks. Works good.

All batteries are 7 months old replaced at the same time. Deka Dominator gels…I will test each over the weekend.

This is what I thought, it stops at full then remains off until disconnected and reconnected. Why would you need a pair of timers? Wouldn’t one timer with multiple on/off set points work? I put it on a charger every time we return home. but do not unplug and re-plug it in during its idle storage…

A 30 day timer is too expensive.

Charger programmed for gels?

Had gels before but I am not sure. I have never checked that.