R4F supercharger

Recently bought a 2003 e825 4 seat. This GEM will sit in a garage at our FL home for months on end when we aren’t there. The garages are not attached to our home and are part of a row of garages whereas the electrical is controlled / provided by the association. In other words the garage has an outlet but it certainly is not a dedicated line.

Thought I’ve read that the chargers that perform a full charge and then auto restart if the battery charge stops are very sensitive and need a dedicated line. I’m not clear though which chargers are being referred to.

Any experience with the Ride 4 Fun super charger?

Any thoughts on just getting a trickler to put on the batteries when we aren’t there?

We even thought of a heavy duty timer that would simply supply power to the GEM every few days or Dutch thus simulating the unplugging / plugging of the power cord.

Thanks so much for any help. I’m a newbie to the site and have already found it beneficial.

#1 timers work fine. Most I have see as far as amp draw is around 12 amps so
Most timers will work fine.
#2 a timer that kicks your charger on for a few hrs each day will simulate a trickle and keep the batt topped off.
Do a search on this fourm about the R4F Quick Charge clone! There’s lots of people here that have both

I have a QuickCharge OB7210 charger that works great. It charges the batteries than keeps a float charge after that. In truth though I unplug the charger every couple of weeks when not using the GEM to “restart” the cycle from the top.