Charger - Again

Really like this site…only problem is the more I read, the more questions I have…guess its best to uncover now though.

In a prev post, I received some great responses about things to check in regards to a new charger. I’m now thinking the R4F Supercharger or the Quick Charge for my 2003 GEM 825 4 seat.

I wanted to attach a pic of the current charger, a Zivan (model #F4HEY5-021101) but couldn’t figure out how. Thought it prudent to determine that in fact the charger I have is a one cycle with no trickler thus the need to swap it out.

I’ve been reading on this forum about both the R4F and Quick Charge but didn’t find a consistent answer…

Anyway, it appears that both of these chargers will give me the cycle charge as well as trickle type charge necessary since the GEM will sit for months on end without being used.

I’m confused though about installing either one of these chargers with regards to whether the current meter and LED on the GEM’s steering wheel / dash will function or not with either of these new chargers? Even read somewhere about leaving the current charger in place and hooking the new charger in somehow with the current?

Also, when there have been some comparisons about the chargers I’m not sure that the comparison has been the R4F Zivan upgrade charger or the R4F Supercharger vs the Quick Charge?

So…I’ve been reading this forum over and over - searching the older posts. Also looking at the Quick Charge and R4F sites and anything else that I could.

Since I have the older '03 GEM 825, from what I’m reading, the battery meter on the steering column will still work with either the SC07210 or R4F supercharger. Appears that with either one I can remove the Zivian completely and swap in the new one since the LCD is connected to the controller and not the charger. Either one will get me the low battery and trickle charge that I need. I’m still not sure though about the LED light that shows charge status on the GEM though.

I like that the current charge is a plug on the front of the GEM that I hook an extension cord (12g) to and then to AC. I’m assuming that the new charger will hook into this some how…

Does it seem like I’m on the right track? Thanks for the help!!! It really is appreciated.

The aftermarket chargers R4F and Quick charge don’t have a remote charge indicator. ( but they should ) I have even seen people mount the charger in a way that they can see the charge indicator.

I to would like to know if you left your stock charger in would the light on the stearing column still work

Quick Charge can provide the connection for the remote LED, or you can just go inside the charger and solder the leads from the GEM LED to those in the charger. The polarity must be correct. I am confused because you said the GEM is a 2003. A 2003 should have the AC plug inside near the parking brake and not on the front hood. The Zivan can be made to cycle on weekly by using a programmable timer like they sell at Radio Shack. There is really no need to change the charger.


Keep the Zivan use the timer suggested above or have Zivan do the upgrade. Not terrible expensive.

I have a New Delta Q that I cant program.

I’m on my 3rd DeltaQ and I can’t change the program on this one either. Anybody out there that can change the program? I will pay.

Some of the Delta Q chargers are “locked” and cannot be changed.

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Took it to the dealer in Fruitland Park. 10 minutes and it was done. Service Manager said you need the “Touch” to program these puppys. Said his tech never fails.