Ford Think winter storage


Will be storing my Think in South Jersey in garage. Installed 6 new Deka Gel batteries in July 2022.
Has a Delta Q Charger
Once batteries read fully charged and the kill switch is off, how long before I need to recharge batteries?Guessing in the 1 bar range to restart charge??
Can you recharge with the kill switch in off position?
Any other tips?

Car will be off site not at my home which means I can not easily check charge.
Appreciated Bob

Get a heavy duty 7-day wall outlet timer. Set it to come on for 8 hours once a week. Plug the car charger into it and leave the master switch on. And leave your worries behind…

Why would you leave the master switch on?
I have heard if you turn it off it helps the batteries retain a charge for a longer period of time. Will the batteries not take a charge with the switch off?

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How long will it be left unattended?
I understand the reason, but I don’t like the idea of leaving the master switch ON. I wonder if it might be worth moving the charger leg to the other side of the main switch? It’ll most likely mess with the onboard SOC calculation.

The other idea is still set up the 7day timer, a power strip, and 6 individual trickle chargers. This introduces more points of failure tho.

Nothing really beats having someone check up on it every now and then.

WINNER! WINNER! Chicken Dinner!

Master switch interrupts the series battery chain, can’t charge if you dead end the electron highway.

If batteries are good, charged, and disconnected, forget about them for 6 months.
If they are dead or frozen in the spring, they were no good to start with.
All the tricks to keep them tended cause more issues than they prevent. IMHO

I contact support at Delta Q technologies who has helped me out in the past with questions. He is there reply regarding my Delta Q charger during storage.

“ You can leave the charger connected for as long as it’s in storage; it will monitor the batteries and start a top-up charge every two weeks, or if the battery levels fall too low. Since these are sealed batteries, you don’t need to worry about filling them or anything, so they should be ready for you when you get back”



I think restarting might have to do with what profile it is set to.
Two weeks is a long time to go between charges.
Realize that you have at least one of your DC Converters (maybe two) are active when your Main Disconnect is switched on.

This also assumes everything goes OK from the house to your charger. A GFI could trip, a power surge could gack your charger, a bad contact on your power plug could heat up and melt. I guess we don’t hear too much from the success stories around here but we sure hear a lot from those that “came back to their car and found it dead”.

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Al good in theory. But ■■■■ happens!

Turn master switch off. It has nothing to do with charging. Disconnecting the batteries is the best way to go.

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