Long term charging

I know I’ve read here that some models need an arrangement of timers to get the on-board charger to maintain the batteries when the car is in long term storage.

I was reading the owner’s manual on our 2014 eS and it says this:

“When the vehicle will not be used for 10 or more days, leave the
main disconnect switch on and connect the charger. The on-board
battery charger will monitor the state of charge of the batteries and
automatically initiate a charge cycle whenever battery voltage falls
below a predetermined level. The on-board charger will maintain a
full battery charge for up to 24 weeks.”

Did something change on the newer models so that the charger will start a new cycle??


My dealer said the same thing as the manual. Leave it plugged in as it has a built in trickle charger that will keep the batteries charged all winter. I too was confused as the manual gives directions on how to kill all power and how to leave it plugged in. Guess if you plan to leave it more than 24 weeks, you’d want to kill the power switch. Our problem is we don’t want the batteries to freeze up north here so that’s why I asked if they could be left charging all the time.

How long are your winters?

IT does not have a trickle charger. The charger monitors voltage and when it gets to a predetermined point it goes thru a charge cycle. You have Gel batteries and tecnology has changed over the years.

We have looong winters. We actually have the lead batteries as it’s the only way the dealer sold them to kept the initial cost down.

There is always the option of using a “vacation timer” to turn on the charger once a week. This is useful for the older models that do not cycle automatically.