Trailer hitch for 2016

Where can i buy a hitch for 2016 THANKS

Officially, only the eL XD and the eM1400 / eM1400 LSV are rated for towing, Scroll to bottom of page.

That being said, if you had an eM1400, you wouldn’t be asking because they all come with one.

Here’s one for the eL XD, it might fit other body styles, I dunno…

One member of the forum Brought me his 2022 E4 for a conversion and speed limit removal, let me show you what he has.

It’s welded to the Rear bumper


it came like that from Factory, and seems like it’s rated at 1000 lbs

Better pic.

I’m not laughing at you Gabriel, I’m laughing at Polaris…
“Hey Boo-Boo, let’s-a cut this bumper and hot glue a 1-1/4” receiver in the center. "

The 1000lb rating is what the metal of the receiver is rated for. It does not take into account the vehicle capability. The vehicle is not rated for towing per the manufacturer. Plus, you really think the e4 can bumper tow almost as much as an eM which has a 2" or 2-1/2" DOT rated frame hitch?

That’s a hitch for holding a bike rack, or towing a plastic 100-150lb seeder. Bumper balls are never a good option for any real towing, and the 1-1/4" hitch is only meant for very light weight items.