Trailer hitch fir 2002 gem car

hi guys, I have a 2002 2 seater and would like to add/put on a trailer hitch. anyone have any idea/pictures.


I found one at Harbor Freight on the shelf for 20 bucks. Bolted right on with 2 u bolts. Worked great to pull around the trailer with kids for a haunted hay ride. I have an 05. Just had to lift up the break line a bit. It was the simple receiver model. I’ll send a pic.


I’d love to see the picture how you attached this.

Found it!

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The rear axle on the 00-04 longback trucks is much further forward than it is on the 05 and up. It’s actually around the center of the bed. You’ll probably have to add a crossmember at the end of the bed and attach to that.

Thanks for providing the pic!

As jrjava says, sadly won’t work for my application but i’m researching it and your picture gave me some ideas. There is a cross member roughly 24" back from the end. I’m fairly confident I can get a drop hitch that will cover the 8.5"-ish drop. There are also extension arms that may be able to cover the 24" length. Luckily we aren’t talking a lot of weight!

Here’s how they did the hitch on my 2010. I’ll go stick my head under the 02 later and see if something similar is possible with a longer bar going to the rear axle.

Do I see that flat hitch bar going forward and bend down through the funny welded loop on the back of the axle? Is that really what that loop is for?

I would think that makes for some odd suspension noise/bind/friction.

Ever driven an 00-04? They ride like piledrivers. Nothing you could do to a '10 could make it worse than my '02. :rofl: But yeah, it might affect it.

I’m not sure what the loop on the axle is for. Probably not for this.

Maybe someday I’ll take the hitch off. I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

So if you aren’t using your gem on road or you don’t mind moving the license plate and light to one side, on the '02, you could get a small class 1 or 2 hitch and bolt to the inside of the frame rails and just cut a hole in the back of the bed side right about where the license plate light is, to have it come straight out. The frame rails are the lower ones. Looks like there is a L-R crossmember at the ends of the rails that isn’t on my '10. I think you would be fine with this setup.

I had thought about cutting into the diamond plate but really wanted to avoid cutting holes. We may end up doing that though. We just got the trailer yesterday and I was able to move it myself (granted no wood poles on it yet) so it will not be that heavy.

It’s funny you said that about driving the 00-04 - My husband asked me to question on the forum if there are anythings we can do to help with the steering and suspension. I laughed and was like ‘from my reading the threads, I think it’s a known issues these things drive like this’. I think my Chevy 3/4 ton crew cab has a tighter turning radius. :laughing:

The 00-04 suspension design is pretty archaic. Some people have gone to air shocks with some success. The single arm front is really the killer.

One good thing about the long bed truck model is that the rear trailing swing arm has 4 shocks - two fore, two aft. Not good from a price point if you have to replace, but it saves it from the cracking that is prevalent in that era with other models that only have 2 rear shocks (search on “rear subframe cracks”).

Other than that, sitting on a whoopie cushion is about it for improving the ride.

The steering is deplorable. This is the smallest vehicle that simultaneously has the worst turning radius I’ve ever owned. I’m pretty sure I’ve driven heavy machinery that turns better. Check your tie rod ball joint ends - make sure they aren’t seized. Cheap to replace, like $50 from NEVA. Makes a world of difference for a crappy system.

Hello Ernest. I am sorry if this is off topic but I noticed you have a 2002 2 seater. I just purchased one and will need to pick it up with a trailer. Do you happen to know the overall width including mirrors? I have found 55" on the spec sheet but not sure if this is only for the vehicle body.

Appreciate the hep!!

I will get back to you tonight. Also, you must tow it with the back of the car facing forward and do not go over 50 mph

I have a small box trailer. I needed to deflate the tires and pull in my side mirrors. This is a pix of my trailer

Thanks! What is the necessity of towing it backwards? To clarify, I intend to load it onto a utility trailer and strap it down.

In the manual it’s states that. I believe it is because of the windshield (it’s so big that it doesn’t blow out). My guess

That’s if your towing it with a open trailer

You are so helpful…thank you. Do you know where I can get a copy of the user manual? I contacted Polaris but it seems they were not the manufacturer in 2002 so they did not have anything that old. Also, what are the inside dims of your trailer? I am hoping to rent an open UHaul 5’ x 9’ trailer that states in the ramp and inside dimensions are 4’9".

Ummm, I believe that is exactly wrong. You need to tow it forwards or the windshield will blow out.

Do NOT flatbed/open tow it backwards!!! It makes a really good winds scoop. Especially if you don’t have a rear window.

Feel free to search the archives and read many of the first hand accounts.
Not that I’m trying to be the tow-police here. I’m just trying to save someone from having to look for another windshield.