Just bought new Gem

I just bought my first Gem it’s an 02 4 seater. I need to go pick it up next weekend and need to know if it will fit on a U-haul car hauler. Its 500 miles from me so I really don’t want to get there and it not work. Any help would be appreciated. I have attached a pic of the Gem if it works.

The 4 seater should fit just fine on the car hauler. Be sure to tie it down properly at all 4 corners. DO NOT tie down on the axles or across the floor pan. Tie to frame only. I suggest you use the inexpensive ratchet straps and haul it front forward. Good looking rig.

Congrats… tow the car facing forward… towing backwards will pop the windshield out


Thanks for the tips

The u-haul trailers I have used in the past have net-like straps that go around the front tires and connect to a ratchet mechanism on the front of the trailer.

I think you are thinking of a tow dolly which you SHOULD NOT use on a GEM… The open trailer will work fine on the GEM, I towed an E2 back on one and had plenty of room that could have fit an E4, Be very careful when loading though the sides of the rear frame of the trailer are only inches on either side. I used ratchet straps to the trailers tie down points and had no issues.