Enclosed cargo trailer for Gem?

Has anyone found a good enclosed cargo trailer that would fit a 2001 GEM 4 Seater One other thing, hoping to find one that would also fit inside a 7’2" carport?

LA-GEM4s… not sure what you are looking for… there is an aftermarket cargo box for both the eS and eL series Classic GEM cars… there is a picker in AZ who has cut the beds off of both vehicles leaving the wheels under them and last time I checked with him had them for sale… the cargo boxes might be harder to find… is that what you had in mind or am I missing your question…


the eL bed is 4 foot by Six and the eS is 4’ x 3’… there is a guy on CL selling two eL’s one with a box for $2500 in Tucson and there was a picker in San Diego with an eS box… that was a few years ago


I was hoping to find an enclosed utility trailer that I could not only tow my gem around with, but also it could act as a “garage”.

It seems that I’m going to have to look for a flatbed utility trailer that would fit 6’ x 12’ so I could easily drive up the ramp and then tow the gem with my vehicle. Hope that makes sense, that’s what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

I have rented one exactly as you describe from Uhaul trailer. I haven’t seen a private label but perhaps you can call them and see who their maker is?