I would like one of these for the winter drive… have checked with my dealer friends know there is no profit for them… not sure about GEM (really I do) the cost is $700 and MSRP $792… woo a dealer can retire on $92 bucks… then if you haven’t seen one they are for the short beds on the eS and as a sprcial order on e4’s and e6’s… they are Lockable, 25 cubic foot ,weather-tight and shipping weight 150 lbs… really want one for less than the $800 to $1200 my dealers came back with to land it on my driveway…

I’m sure there is a government wearhouse with a bunch of them somewhere or a wrecked GEM sitting in a back lot or a junk yard… could you all keep an eye out in your travels… please


Have you checked NEV Accessories? Not the same company as NEV Services. We have purchased several aluminum diamond plate GEM bodies from them.


I did by e-mail… may call Monday… they are good guys… Roger and Ivan have helped me a lot… I wear their t-shirts… I’m looking for the GEM stock carrier though


photos of the cargo carrier that I’m looking for…


throwback Thursday… first may I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving…

this thread was posted in 2011… I have since found the cargo box… it was up for auction on eBay… bought it and had it shipped to Denver for less than the retail cost… it has worked well for the Denver winters since 2013… although I’m looking to find a sponsor for a wrap I haven’t fared well… the local GEM dealer put his logo on but when he dropped the franchise I took it off… it’s made for a fun Christmas display… didn’t seem to take photos… this year for sure.


Thanks for posting the photos, these were better than the ones that keep pulling up on Google, especially the inside pic. I may look into building one at some point. Looks like I could do it for under 150.00.

I’m sure I paid more for the ‘GEM’ item… think someone could build it for a lot less… just not me… the stock box also blocks the running lights on the car from view… so from the rear I only rely on people behind me seeing the tail lights of the car… the reason I changed them to LED… thinking a third light on the box might be my next add on as well as a backup light and brighter driving lights in the front maybe off the bumper…


My deal is that my GEM didn’t have a bed originally, I made one myself so I doubt it will mount up right to my dimensions. I made it 48" wide by 34" long. I would design it so that I could just bolt it on from the side and just loosen the nuts inside the bed and box for removal. But I would probably stick with that design though, I think it looks pretty slick.

After looking at the GEM dealership those add ons are about 1000.00 for anything. I haven’t added up all the receipts yet on my aluminum bed build but I’d say it’s around 250.00 for everything. Can’t spend too much on add ons I’ll have more into it than what I paid for the car.

tommy… such is life with the custom car… it all costs a lot… beds pop up on Craigslist from time to time but then there is the shipping factor and is the item just junk or a treasure… I re-arranged my photos and found a couple more of the box… Christmas and a rear shot…