Universal Mount for Gem E2

My dad and I spent the afternoon designing and building a universal mount for the GEM E2 that would serve as a support for a tool box or flatbed cargo area. It took about 4 hours all told to test fit and finalize all the cuts with the proper measurements. Total cost for the build was $38. The mounts closest to the GEM are pressure fit and the mounts on the fender utilize longer bolts to catch the existing fender mounts. The goal was to build something for less than the $500 fiberglass trunk that mine didn’t come with. I have attached pictures with links for the tool box which I got off eBay making that total cost of adding a toolbox approximately $125. I don’t think this price can be beat. I plan on drilling a hole through the back of the box and using an eye bolt to secure the latch system to the tool box and provided added security and rigidity. If anyone has additional thoughts or ideas please feel free to share.

Here is the parts list.
1 – 10’ piece of 1” PVC
4 – 1” T
4 – 900 elbow
1 – can PVC cement
1 – can black plastic spray paint
4 – 2” Stainless bolts
4 – stainless washers
1 – Aluminum trailer tongue tool box (eBay)
4 – 1 ½ stainless bolts
4 – stainless locking nuts
4 – stainless fender washers

I tried to upload photos but I was blocked because I have not posted 5 threads. If anyone can help with this please let me know.


would like to see more

did you try the advanced setting to post you only need a couple more posts

I would be happy to send someone the links if they would like to post the pics in a reply. If not, I guess I could just post more to get to 5. I just didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with useless posts.

I will also be working on a golf rack as well that I will post pics of when the option is available.

The last update will probably be more of basket type that will clip in and utilize the GEM latch and bumpers but won’t come anywhere close to the $175 basket GEM sells.

my manners eluded my saying welcome… I’ll be happy to post the photos… send them to me at bobandersen251 at hotmail

I appreciate the welcome and the help. I sent two emails with 3 pictures each. Your help is greatly appreciated. I will add others with a stained wood deck as well once I have the privilege of posting them myself.

The pics should be post d now from my Dropbox account. Please let me know your thoughts.

to go from the white pvc pipes to the finished product in black… real impressive to a guy who has trouble walking and talking… like the box as well… if I could I’d like to post the photos in the GEM car photos group on facebook as well



Feel free to post the photos on Facebook of you would like. How where you able to attach thumbnails directly in the post? The only way I could do it was type in a url.


Here are pics of the 1/2" birch flat bed that can be mounted on instead of the toolbox. I have a few more coats of stain and some finishing work before I make the mounts. I was thinking about a cargo net, pickets, or eye bolts with bungees to hold down cargo. This might also serve as the base for my golf rack but it might be a little high.

Here are all the pics together of the mount with the toolbox.

Also, the link goes to the auction on eBay where I bought the toolbox if anyone was interested.

Aluminum Trailer Truck Pickup Underbody Underbed Tongue Tool Box Storage Toolbox | eBay

Here is pic of the 5" 3/8 eye bolt that I mounted on the box that locks into the GEM oem latch. Added stability and security

Close up between GEM and toolbox

thanks for sharing both photos


Nice job. The eye bolt is a great idea for securing the box.

Great idea… Much cheaper and easier than buying a rack… I think I will steal(borrow) the idea. Thanks…

I think the reason for this forum is for us not only to ask questions or tell of our successful ways of making our GEM cars better and share our ideas