Let’s see your roof racks

OK. Trying to find a roof rack for my e4 gem and not having any luck. Thinking about just building my own. I’ve seen some on here and can’t find them using search. So please post what you’re doing so I can try to start my creative juices flowing.

I’ll start, rack from amazon, cross bars from amazon and a little fab work…

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Looks good! How long did the install take?

Thank you chris1. That’s the one I remembered

Wasnt too bad, I can take some better pics if you want. I can put together a parts list too if you need it.

Looks great.
Yes, chris1. Would love a parts list.
Thank you

Im also looking for a roof rack for an e4. If we could get someone to fab one it might be worth their while if they could build several. Im in for one and depending on price I would consider two.

Rivet nuts go into the frame, use the aluminum to make the risers.

Cut the center bar to fit between the risers.


awesome, that helps big time, thank you


I have roof racks on both my F350 and my minivan. If I put one on my GEM it wont fit in the garage. :expressionless:

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Hi Chris,

I recognize this is an old post but I’m looking to install a GEM rack for a kayak and your approach seems pretty nice, although I would stop at the cross bars and go without the cargo basket. The one question I had was around your approach for installing the rivet nuts. If I installed using traditional tools it looks like I need to minimally remove the weather trim around the skylight in the areas where the aluminum risers connect to the GEM frame. Is this what you did, or did you find some special way to get a 1/4" rivet nut installed without removing the weather seal? If so I would be very interested in learning more about that process. Thanks!

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Is the rack custom? Can you let us know where you got it?

Myn was custom made. A buddy of Myn made it. There was talk of putting together a list of people. That wanted them. Bottom line if I could get 5 people to pay up I could convince him to make a batch. Your looking at $1500 per one.

I was told Harbor Freight has great options for less than $100.

Indeed and looks like you’ll just need to come up with the two cross supports which I thought someone earlier on pointed to solutions to that( Let’s see your roof racks - #10 by chris1).

The concept of thinking that the quality, load limit, fit and finish of a $100 Hazard Fraught roof rack is on par or even worth comparing to $1500 custom built rack is so inane it’s not even worth the effort I put into typing this.

Some people don’t want to spend $1,500 on a roof rack. Just food for thought.