NEWBIE ALERT! Looking for some help finding a E4

Hi everyone - I am hoping I am in the right place to get some insight. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a 4 passenger used GEM and am ready to get serious. I live in SE Wisconsin, and have just started looking at eBay, Craigslist etc.

I have seen other posts with people weighing in on if a sale is a “good deal” or not, but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on where is the best place to look to buy a used one?

Thanks in advance. I hope you’re having a good day!


Craig’s list is a good place.

2nd on Craig’s List but it depends on how far you’re willing to travel for one or have it shipped. I can confirm a 2013 E6 will fit on a U-Haul Auto Transport trailer. It’s tight but it trailered it fine. Craig’s List is a good way to stay local. I’ve read of people getting good deals at auctions but I have no experience with that.

What U haul trailer will fit a E6?

A stock 2013 E6 short bed w/ factory 195/60R14 tires will fit on the U-Haul “Auto Transport” trailer (info here). There will be about an inch to spare on either side of the gap between the wheels and the bed of the car will extend beyond the end of the trailer. When renting the trailer tell them you’re towing a white 2010 Honda Civic (or similar) to avoid yourself a headache and/or possible denial of the rental. Add a half dozen ratchet straps and you’re good to go.


PSA: Pay attention to the windows on the GEM when towing. Always tow a GEM facing forwards and consider removing the rear window if applicable. They can/will blow out at highway speeds if you’re not careful.

I also removed the bottom cushion from the bench seat in my elxd when I had to have a flatbed tow truck move it as I’ve read stores of them going flying too.

Good call, we did the same. I probably should have pulled the floor mats too but they made the trip fine. The boot for the parking brake handle wasn’t screwed down and after a few miles on the highway I noticed in the side view mirror that it was wedged against the rear tire. Almost lost it, got lucky on that one.

Great information thank you for posting it E6 is huge way bigger then most realize

If it has doors installed they are problematic at hwy speeds even when its facing forwards. I think I had to bungee them quite a bit to keep them from flapping.

you really need to decide what you want out of a Gem . You can buy a 2002 for cheap , fun to cruise around in , but a little primitive . Move to a 2005 and you get better steering , disc brakes and a better suspension . 2010 gets even better , nice Gems . Then you get 2013-2015 . Major upgrades . Brakes are great , steering easy , Cadillac ride . Lots of little upgrades . If you want a custom dont start with an early version . you well spend a lot of money and it well never be close to a latter model . If you just want a easy cruiser , 2002 and up .

This is really helpful, thanks. I am targeting a 2005 or better, if a 2010 is available for under $6K, I would love that but it looks like that $5K sweet spot will get a 2005 - 2010.

Again, thank you.


Alex, Just saw one posted in my campground’s facebook page. 2006 e4 with 1153 miles for $6,500. I just bought my 2014 off facebook marketplace yesterday so I’d suggest keeping an eye there too. Good luck!

Thank you! I just sent you a private email

Remember 2005s have the T3 controller. No matter what you do to the cart with this controller you won’t see more than 30 MPH.

I hve heard that you can swap to a T4. I tried and couldn’t make it work.

Nate can you tell us about your 2014 purchase ?

Thanks for the info. Do the 2006’s and newer have a T4?


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@LithiumGods Sure. We own property in a gated campground here in IL. They don’t allow un-plated carts so my search for a legal option led me to the GEM. We looked at a 2002 that needed work, and then found this 2014 on Facebook Marketplace. It came with lots of options including doors, heat, radio, upgraded wheels, chrome bumpers etc. and only had 650 miles on it. It was more than we originally wanted to spend but the wife fell in love with it so we bought it on Monday. We’re excited to get it out to the campground and enjoy it.

That’s a Good looking cart you got there. Enjoy!

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