Anyone tow a small trailer with E2/E4?

I am thinking that I want a small trailer to tow around in the summer for projects or runs to the store etc. I was wondering if anyone has experience and if so what were the challenges if any? I would not think there is much headroom for hitch weight but only thinking something like Heavy Duty Trailer Cart or

Any pictures or experiences are greatly appreciated!

Harbor freight sells a tag-along trailer that can be licensed. It is small and lockable. In California I would have to have one with a license. I don’t know if the trailer that you’re talking about is street legal. I have been to broke to buy the corresponding bumper and hitch set up to tow it.

I have a hitch on my e2 I move my 5by 10 trailer around in the yard to my pick up. Also I welded up a goose neck extension that goes into the bracket on the e2 to tow my electric kayak to the river to go bass fishing ooooohhhhyyyyyaaaa

any chance you could snap some pictures of the hitch install so I can come up with something?

Installing a hitch on a early model is different than on a generation II later model…? I thought so.