Renting a U haul trailer

Hey anyone know if a E4 will fit in this U Haul trailer? I’m selling a gem to a guy in so cal and I don’t wanna haul my trailer all the way down and back. I thought about renting a u haul and just dropping it off in so cal when I’m done.

Says this trailer is 5x9 I know Uhaul rents trailers with ramps that a E-4 will fit in just don’t know if this is the one. Seems kinda small.

The other trailer they rent is a 6x12 but it’s not available for 1 way I only wanna tow 1 way.

My e2 fits in a 5 by 9 with one inch clearance on sides and six inches to the rear you will need to go six by 12 flat bed

My E4 will not fit on my 10’ trailer with the fold down ramp. I am about to purchase a 12’ single axle tilt trailer for it. I have a 16’ tandem axle that I use but it is to much trailer for the light weight GEM. It fits nicely and pull great on a single axle 12’ trailer. I took my gem on my 16’ footer to a trailer lot and tried them on for size. I just need to sell a trailer or 2 to make room for a new one.

If you are renting a trailer to move one, get a 16’ moving trailer. They rent here for $25 a day. 2-PT 2x12x10’s work good enough for ramps if you dont have a set. The uhaul trailers are amazingly heavy and bounce allot.

Thanks Guys. I have decided to rent a 6x12 trailer for 2 days it’s only gonna cost $70