Toyata Prius conversion

Hi! I’m new here and very interested in EV’s! I’m debating between buying an NEV now, or waiting until the technology gets better. The perfect solution for me is the Toyato Prius conversion. A company (are we allowed to say which one?) is doing a conversion that allows the Prius to run on electricity 100% up to 35mph, then it switches to running on gas. I do 90% of my driving in a small town with posted speeds of 30 mph or less, so an NEV is fine until I need to go out of town! I also have to drive about 1500 miles round trip periodically to see my Mom, so 100% electric is not currently an option. I don’t really want two have two vehicles! Has anybody any experience with this conversion? Pro’s/Con’s (other than the con of needing a gas motor still).


Because you don’t say who the company is, I can only assume they add the EV mode switch that is available to Prius owners in Europe and possibly additional batteries.

Adding the switch is something you can do yourself, but the OEM battery pack is only good for 3 miles and it will void your warranty.

Consider trying to obtain a Prius that has been in a rear-end collision and doing the work yourself, then selling your other car after the bugs are all worked out.

I think the above link has much of the info you are seeking.