Who and how many

Who and how many of you have replaced your first EV or Hybrid with a second?

Well I ain’t replaced any but I do have a 07 Prius and a 13 volt

Interesting, thanks for responding. How about a few highlights no your experience?

Well I get somewhere between 44 to as high as 52 in Prius. And the volt I go sometimes 12 to 1500 miles before I put gas in and then I just put about 5 gal of premium in it I can go around 45 miles pure electric in it I mostly drive it to work which is 13 mile round trip but I do drive to grocery stores and places like wal mart that is a 30 mile round trip BUT if ur not using heat or ac u can get the 45 but if u use any of heat /ac it takes a big bite out of it but the regen helps a lot