Prius Prime, or Prius + Wait?

My wonderful 07 Prius has 197K on it and is going strong, but I need something with lower miles soon (I drive nasty roads on a 100 mile, one-way commute to Duluth MN, and realize that ANY car loses reliability in time.)
So, I really want a Plug-In option, but with current battery range, and the huge drop in battery if it’s -0 F, is the best option financially for now:
1)Prius Plug-in/Hybrid…

  1. OR because battery/range technology is advancing HUGELY in the near future (non-lithium batteries etc with quick charges and very long ranges) should I just get another Prius for now, like a 2014 to get me by for the next couple of years?

Oh, and we get all our home electricity from solar with some to spare, so while this is mostly a financial consideration, admittedly it would be very cool to be ‘driving from the sun’ !

Thanks so much for input~

Search LTO or Titanate EV or hybrid.
I believe someone is using them.
LTO work well below zero.
Charge to 80% in 10 minutes. Not that the charger is available yet. :slight_smile: