Touchy Accelerator Pedal


My pedal at the zero to just get a little moving speed is very touchy. Actually it sort of goes right past crawl to moving but not full throttle. It seems as there should be a little more taper at the beginning of the cycle and speed start up. If that’s normal then ok, but i feel its not. If its not normal, is this what i should look at to replace?

This? I’ll throw it in the box with the trim

I know with the AC controllers, this is tunable… The dead space in the throttle. I’m unsure with the T2 controllers. It might be. Folks on here would know

Wow…ok…how much is it?

Got me… I’ve pretty much moved on from the 99-02 cars. No value to me and I’m happy to give it to someone that can use it

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The “Ernie’s Garage of Magic” - :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Found this too!

Couldn’t find any 4x113 to 4x4 adapters though. :rofl: