Accelerator pedal acts like a light switch

So now that I have the batteries and charger lined out my accelerator pedal is either on or off. When you let off it tries to slap you into the windscreen it shuts down so fast. Is there an adjustment that I can make to stop this?

Only know Gem cars.
There may be a problem with speed sensor.
Do you have speedometer or error codes?

One of the wires I repaired was for the speedo and it works now. I’m almost certain this is an adjustment issue but it would really help to know just what to adjust :grin: It may just be at the pedal linkage but it has a rod that slides through a cylinder which acts as a potentiometer for the throttle advancement. There may be an adjustment for that, there is also a a microswitch in the box that is tripped at some point by the movement of the rod.

Throttle lift regen needs to be re programmed if there are no problems in the pedal assembly.

Was this a new problem that didnt exist before work on the pedal assembly?

I honestly don’t know if it was there. It belongs to my boss and they use it on their hunting land. His brother had an identical one and it had that same issue. How do I go about re-programming the throttle lift regen. I’ve spent my life in automotive so I’m kind of good at fixing things but I’m kind of ignorant when it comes to golf carts. And since the ignorant can be taught I’m all ears.