Acceleration Pedal Response

My Ford Think has an issue with acceleration pedal response. After approximately 10 minutes of use accelerator pedal goes non-responsive. Turn off key and get brake beep. Turn key back on and works again. This started happening after driving through approximately 9 holes and course was littered with small tree debris that cart was bouncing over and being thrown up under cart from tires.

Check to see if it’s setting a code

I has a similar situation,. Turned out the contact relay was bad, no way to check except replace with a good one and see if the problem goes away

You can definitely test the contactor and monitor it for an intermediate fault using a voltmeter.

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A person could also put their voltmeter across both of the big terminals on that solenoid and monitor it when driving. If you get a reading other than close to zero when driving then replace it.


Checked codes and got 90 first and 09 second. Code 90 is motor thermostat open and 09 key switch in drive and reverse at same time. Inadvertently cleared codes. Went under cart and found white wires to motor stressed to one side and moved to more neutral position. Cart ran ok for 18 holes but will see what happens next weekend.

You can bypass the motor temperature sensor by disconnecting the sensor and connecting the two wires together on the harness side. A lot of motors don’t even have one so it’s something you don’t even need in my eyes. For the other code, chances are it needs an ignition switch.

I have this happen once or twice at year and I use the car a lot. Pull to a stop and car goes dead. Play with the key switch and I am good. The car just gets stupid once in a while.