Ford Think Accelerator / Potentiometer Repair or Replacement

I’ve started noticing some stuttering/choppy acceleration on my Ford Think the past several times out and believe it is an issue with the accelerator (potentiometer). It only happens under light load (partial throttle) and anything over about 1/2 throttle is nice and smooth as expected. I need to get under the car and test the potentiometer for jumps in resistance to verify that is the issue but in the meantime figured I’d ask… Anyone have any experience with either cleaning/repairing the potentiometer or am I better off finding a replacement?

Replace it if it’s bad. Aftermarket ones are cheap.

Thank you! I’m guessing it is possible to just replace the potentiometer and not the entire pedal assembly? I saw a few used and crusty looking units for sale on ebay. Pushing my luck here, but does anyone have a recommendation on an aftermarket replacement or part number?

The part number is 97VB-9F832-AB. Lots of buying options.

That’s it?

I wish Gem used that one.

Yes, that’s it. It does make it nice that they used a lot of parts from production vehicles.

Excellent. I didn’t expect it to be that easy! Thank you very much once again for the info!