2002 GEM E825 acceleration issue

Hey everyone, new to the boards and have been perusing posts and couldnt find anything regarding my issue. Apologies if I missed it as I don’t mean to be repetitive. I have an '02 GEM E825.

Trying to figure out why i periodically lose acceleration & top speed. Usually it accelerates very quickly (like spin the tires quick) and tops out at 34 (limiter kicks in). However, periodically ill get in and the acceleration is really weak and it’ll only top out around 28 (limiter not engaged) and takes forever to get there. Anybody have this issue? I’m curious if there is some sequence of turning the key, putting in fwd, releasing the brake that im doing thay causes it? I did find find that one of the clasps was off of the pedal so I fixed that in hopes it would fix the issue but no luck.

Just a guess, but the throttle pedal on those are notoriously bad. If the potentiometer is going bad it could cause an issue like the one you are describing—intermittent acceleration.


The potentiometer is a $10 part from Linemaster (yes, your throttle is actually a TIG welding pedal) . You might have to call them to get it. Can’t remember if it’s on their website or not.

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When was the last time your motor was cleaned out and checked?

Also- an occasional flaky/dragging brake would scrub off a few MPH pretty easy.

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If no faults, monitor throttle wiper voltage. Make sure it’s going high. About 4 volts wot.
Also, the forward and turf pins to make sure it’s staying in road mode.
This can all be done easily if you use GE sentry sw to monitor functions.

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Thanks for the response!! Which piece is $10? I can only find the whole setup for $500+.

That would be never as it’s always run well enough for me not to have to take it apart to check. I will now though. Thank you

The pot you get directly from Linemaster. I’ll look later. Or if you want I’ll sell you my used working pedal from my 02.

Complete pedal assembly, $165 from the company that made it. Scroll down a bit and they have the potentiometer listed for sale directly for a couple bucks.