Gem 2003 E825 - Cart jolts back and forth when accelerating

Hi All,

I have a 2003 E825 with an upgraded blue motor.

Usually the cart has rapid and smooth acceleration, but now when throttled will jolt back and forth, as if it’s trying to catch gear, and then accelerates as normal.

I do not hear any noise from the gearbox. I have already replaced the spring in the pedal.

Any thoughts?

One last note: the cart was upgraded to 72v lithium battery pack about 9 months ago.

Likely the resistor pot inside the throttle - known to go bad. You can find one here, but pretty expensive.
Also not positive that is your issue.

72 dollars? Holy prison gang rape in the showers Batman!

That part is like $27 at Linemaster, which is who built the pedal. Probavly only like $10 at Mouser or Digi-Key.


I went ahead and bought a new pedal assembly from LineMaster ($171 isn’t terrible), but unfortunately the problem persists.

Do we think it could be a controller or motor issue?


Those would be the next two logical choices. At that age it would be hard for me to pick which one.

What part did you order at linemaster? Im chasing a problem where my cart died at speed with full batteries. While looking at the throttle I noticed a broken spring.

Probably going to have to call their c/s or sales to get that part.

If it’s the main spring of the accelerator, that can be easily swapped. They sell the spring on NEV Accessories for $32.

I bought the whole pedal assembly from Linemaster but that didn’t solve my jolting issue.

I diagnosed the issue to the motor, so will need the motor to be refurbished or buy another.


Any connections that may refurbish motors in Southern California, ideally San Diego?

I might know of a guy…
Could all be rumor though.

And who would that be?

I have a 7hp blue motor looking to get refurbished.

Thank you!

My 2000 e 825 did that. Micro switch on hand brake loose and going on-off.

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$50% of my rebuilds are from California “TOUCHED BY RODNEY” Check me out on any of the forums. 2400 Baywater Road Tavares Fl 32778

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