2002 GEM accelerator in-op

I am receiving an 08 error code from my 2002 GEM. I have replaced the potentimeter in the accelerator but the car is still inoperative. I have visually inspected the wires for the foot pedal and see no signs of damage. Thanks for any help.

Voltage from the wiper, P7, needs to be less than 1v at zero throttle.
Test at P7, but might be easier to check wire color on P7, and measure where it connects to wiper at the throttle.
If the wire to low side of pot is open, P7 will be high all the time.

Thanks for the help. I was able to get the pedal working (the terminals in the plug between the pedal and the harness were corroded) and no more error codes but now the car only accelerates very slowly and has a slight stutter. We checked and cleaned the brushes but did not fix the issue.

Be sure it’s not in turf mode. Also all battery connections are clean & tight. Lastly what kind and how old are your batteries?

how did you clean terminals inside the plug?

Actually the corrosion was so bad (we live near the beach, and our GEM Car is left outside a lot). We replaced the male & female connector (plug), additionally we replaced the individual terminals. Fixed the problem our GEM Car now is working great!!! I appreciate your input.