GEM with Error Code -08

A few days ago my GEM (2002) simply quit running. When you turn the key ON and dis-engage the emergency brake the main contact closes and the display immediately shows - 08. Let me summarize my efforts in trying to isolate the problem. I first noticed that the cable which goes from the accelerator pedal to the motor control had been pulled apart so I reattached it but the error persisted. The service manual says this error code means accelerator input voltage is too high (> .9 V), however I have measure this voltage (with and without key and emergency brake on) and it continually shows around .3 - .4 V as you can see in this picture GEM1. Additionally, I have verified all of the contacts are secure and functioning properly from the accelerator pedal to the motor controller. (i.e. the resistance varies from 0 - 5K Ohms when you depress the accelerator, etc.) I also noticed 2 wires that seem to have become separated from each other, but I could not verify this from the electrical drawings in the manual. You can seem them both in the this picture GEM2. One is a GREEN wire which comes from the bottom of the battery charger in a bundle with a red, black and white wire. The other is a very short PURPLE wire which is connected to a red wire which runs to very small box (ballast?) located on the top left hand side of the frame just under the dash. The green wire shows a voltage of around 75 V while the purple wire shows around 50 V. Any help and/or guidance on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Accelerator pedal start switch - possible loss of signal to controller Pin 3. Call GEM for Tech Support 866.764.0616 or GEM Parts 877.447.0102 NEV Service