Code -08 GEM will not RUN

Need some help with 2001 Gem

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Upgraded the Controller with a Ride 4 Fun T2 controller and Ride 4 Fun Super Charger and 7.5 Motor. Already Upgraded DC to DC with the Timer and Relay. (NO Printed Wire Board PWB). All new batteries.

At first it would not work no clunk hot wired together the GREY/White and White at the Relay and clunk, so I replaced the Relay with a 5 pin Fuel Pump Relay from AutoZone, and then I Took the Green spliced wire that runs between the relay and the timer and took the branch to the black wire from the bottom output of the charger.
The cart ran at 25mph. I then jumpered the wire 21 to wire 2 on the MH20 at the T2 Controller, and now 42mph. Everything was perfect. Ran for the day.

Next I Washed it and then tried to go. Turns on Shows 100% charge, good clunk sound contactor, but put in FWD or Rev and press Accelerator Pedal nothing, just shows 100%. Fully charged overnight. Same Results Shows 100% charge but then goes to 000 try FWD REV and Accelerator pedal nothing. NO error codes.

Gem Car Repair & MX Service Manual
page 5-11

Accelerator Potentiometer Testing

Step C> Measure Resistance between pin 9 and 7, up position should read Zero and Pedal down should gradually increase at full down max of approx 5000 ohms.

FAIL>>My results start approx 5000 ohms and as press the ohms goes to zero at full down.
Manual Says “Replace Pedal”

Step D> Measure Resistance between pin 8 and 9 should remain approx 5000 ohms regardless of pedal position

PASS>My results stays 5000ohms

Start Switch Testing in the Accelerator Pedal
Step A>Resistance pin 3 of MH20 and pin 9 MH5 (16pin J2 of PWB)
This must be a mistake because MH5 is 20 pin only the MH10 is 16 pin and J2 of PWB
Pedal up High Resistance. Accelerator depress should be zero ohms

pass switch is good

I think I need to replace the Accelerator Pot 5kOhms LSC-804-4 but I can not find one.
Is the LSC-805-4 the same???

Next when I open the accelerator and examine the parts I checked and the start switch was good and appears either the pot is misadjusted or needs to be replaced.

Next I turn on the cart but now I am getting a -08 code which is Accelerator voltage input is too high on power up after initial key sw closure>>>Refer to motor circuit diagram troubleshooting start sw circuit. The accelerator pedal input MH20 pin 7 should be less than .9VDC before depressing the pedal. If the pedal is greater than .9 VDC the accelerator pedal may be misadjusted or def.
I have put the pedal back together turned off master power switch waited 30 mins tried again still getting the -80 will not clear. but all the tests for the sw is good.
Accessories work, Reverse horn works as should and parking brake switch work as should

Any ideas suggestions???
Please reply or direct message.
Thanks in Advance.

Throttle pedal on pre-2005 was a Linemaster TIG welding pedal.

Replacement pot is $25 from them

Might find cheaper elsewhere.