I have a 2005 el model and getting an 8 error code. Does anyone know where I can get one and the price? Maybe part# any help will be greatly thankful for.

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Is the floor mat under the pedal? Is pedal returning all the way?

I recently posted how to check it.

Guess I didn’t post it on this forum.

5 - 15

  1. Disconnect 23
    -pin connector CH1 located
    on the top of the motor controller (under the
    hood assembly).
  2. Using an ohmmeter, m
    easure the
    resistance between pins 9 and 7. When the
    accelerator pedal is in the UP position, the
    ohmmeter should read approximately 0
    ohms. Push the accelerator pedal down; the
    resistance between pins 9 and 7 should
    gradually increase. When the accelerato
    pedal is completely down, the resistance
    should reach a maximum of approximately
    2500 ohms. If the resistance does not vary
    as described, replace the accelerator pedal.
    If the resistance is a constant very low
    resistance (possible short circuit) or
    ant high resistance (open circuit),
    there could be a problem with the wiring
    harness between the motor controller and
    the accelerator pedal module or there could
    be a faulty accelerator pedal.
  3. Using an ohmmeter, measure the
    resistance between pins 9 and 8.
    resistance between these two pins should
    remain approximately 2500 ohms
    regardless of the position of the accelerator
    pedal. If the resistance is very high, there is
    probably a broken wire between the motor
    controller connector and accelerator pedal,
    or could be a faulty accelerator pedal.

Read this

There isnt much to the inside of these things. Just resistance/contact strips and wipers. Usually a good cleaning brings them back.


Yes I checked all that I think its the switch

The -8 code is the voltage from pot.

Just installed a new accelerator today! After replacing many parts looking for reason for continually losing speed until nothing at all. I paid $439.99 or thereabout. Bought on line from a resource Beck Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Palatka, FL (386)328-8863
Problem solved…drives like a new one.

Save the old one.
Some of us here recycle.:slight_smile: