The unborn deserve a chance

How about we outlaw abortion and require the child to be supported and raised for 2 years. If after 2 years the mother still doesn’t want the child she can euthanize him/her with no penalty?

What say you?

This is a very tricky subject. Would anyone really want a child to come into a world where they are not wanted? In a perfect world all kids would be wanted and loved but unfortunately this is not the real world.

They need to be given a chance to find out.

You have to assume most of the pro abortion women believe they should have been aborted. ,However not very many are offing themselves. Wonder why?

I think that men, [U]all men[/U], including myself and all males in government including judges, [U]have no right to decide [/U]or make laws concerning what a women does with HER body.

We men have NO idea what so ever what a women goes through with pregnancy and mothering a child.

As Always… IMHO