is Assad keeping the lid on and should we leave him alone?

I’m not an expert in politics but it seems that when we offed a couple of Dictators a few years back the middle east situation deteriorated. Is IsIs the result of lack of “Strong Man” control?

What say you?

This is all very complicated - is it time for change? Do we have the right to force change? Is it a case of better the devil you know?

Each time a dictator is taken out it seems to create a vacuum which is quickly filled by extremists…difficult one to call.

Seems we don’t understand the culture.

Political correctness run amok, wants everyone to be the same. Want the same things. Behave the same way.

I totally agree, until the West understands the culture there won’t be any real progress.

We assume were “Righter” than anyone else. Maybe Maybe not.

General Motors Tried the SATURN experiment where EVERYONE had input. Didn’t work.

IMHO The most successful Businesses are run by Smart, Benevolent Dictators.

Saudi Arabia isn’t doing bad.

What say you?


Saudi Arabia is rumoured to be close to some “extremist” organisations - maybe thats why you don’t hear about attacks in Saudi Arabia?

I’m dead sure the Saudis have resources to handle any situation not to their liking.

IMHO they wouldn’t align themselves with any organization that would be terrorist related. Cause it would affect their money making capabilities.

And you say?