Is this the end for Volkswagen?

The automobile industry is littered with companies which have lost their way and lost the trust of the general public. While Volkswagen has made some inroads into the electric vehicle market the ongoing emission test crisis has not helped the company’s reputation. Is this the end for Volkswagen or was last weeks sacking of the CEO the start of a recovery?

Not the end - last weeks firing was just the start.- Going to be interesting because the Government cant take 11 million cars off the road . They also can’t let VW go bust because it would put too many people on the street.

What say you?


I agree - the authorities seem to be up to their necks in this scandal as well. They cannot afford VW to go bust as it is vital to the German economy and it is starting to look as though VW was not the only company using “sharp practices” for emission tests.

My bet would be that this scandal will spread to other European car companies and has the potential to give EVs a boost. However, all areas of the car market (petrol/diesel and EVs) will come under much much more scrutiny - I hope there are no more “sharp practices” hidden away!

The latest rumours suggest big job cuts at Volkswagen in light of the fallout from the emissions scandal. Many expect the company to pay billions of dollars in compensation to customers.

btw Good spot about other car companies getting dragged into the scandal - where is it going to end?


VW car sales don’t seem to be taking that much of a hit. Wonder Why.

What say you?

I reckon it could be one or more of a number of things:-

  • Consumers aren’t really that bothered
  • They are starting to pity VW as this is starting to look like a witch hunt
  • Consumers think that all car companies are at it

IMHO VW got away with a BIGGY. The present laws, if followed, would put VW down the tubes. Now the Politicians are going to have to figure out how to let VW off the hook without getting egg on their face. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN:D

What say you?

There will be a lot of people worried about being exposed and not just within VW!

Is any company too big to fail? Nope, remember Lehman Brothers?

Lehman Brothers was different. It wasn’t a manufacturing company. Rather it was a services company that dealt in financial matters. The country, as a whole , is less affected by losing a money company than a manufacturing company which adds value to the economy.

I see what you are getting at but the collapse of Lehman Brothers sent shockwaves through the investment markets as many of these older financial companies thought they were bullet proof. At worst they always thought the government or competitors would bail them out but boy were they in for a shock :slight_smile:

I shed a VERY BRIEF tear when they went down.:rolleyes: