Hey there

I have Republican tatooed on my ass. I have a real fear of Hillary winning by default. She came out last week with an economic policy proposal that is reasonable.

We get up in front of millions of people, fight with each other, and say we want to deport 11 million of them. This is stupid. If we don’t get down and come up with sensible proposals on how we would run the country . We will have our own people voting the wrong way.

What say you?

Rascal you started this crap:D


Ted Cruz = Trump lite!

This is all great for someone living in the UK - things are starting to hot up in the US :slight_smile:

Would you trust Trump with the nuclear button?

I wouldn’t trust Trump with anything.

Don’t know much about the UK political scene. I understand, other than the Irish and the Falklands it’s pretty much a sleep.

The UK scene is split hard left and hard right at the moment. The Conservatives are in power (with a slim majority) and the main opposition has appointed a new leader who is as far left as we have seen for years. It has been asleep for years but things are starting to hot up.

Oh and the Falklands - we will never give up :slight_smile:

Cheeky bunch eh?

Ever noticed how the Argentine government only brings up the Falklands when they are struggling in the polls?

Pay em off and take over for good

They just want the oil :slight_smile:

That seems like a good a good “want”.