Donald Trump - love him or loathe him?

I see Donald Trump is at it again, threatening to pull his £700m investment in Scotland if he is banned from the UK. How can politicians ban him but still expect to take his investment funds at the same time?

Interesting… How many days later no one has replied? No one want wants to take a chance on stating their personal opinion that might not be the same as another member here. And/or to offend them and lose their friendship by not agreeing with them?

I hope that we are bigger than that. My mind can be changed. I am not as smart as I once was… But I am as smart once as I always was. Here In the twilight of my life.

I am in between a rock and a hard spot candidate wise. I want to vote republican this time. After a lifetime of being a republican growing up and spending 60 years in the Detroit city and suburban area. I voted for Obama when he first ran. Somewhat because I did not like what my republican side was offering and somewhat due to my guilt of being a closet racist, he seemed like a nice clean cut good family man, respecting his wife and kids. If I would have considered that he was a muslim. I might not have. But ISIS was not in the news at that time. Also, His association with that radical church cleric in Chicago was not public knowledge at the time. You pays your money and takes a chance.

In Michigan, I had a public persona due to my company advertising (TV) and possible political office and business interests that kept me in the closet for many years. Many of my customers were UAW (democrats) workers.

I did not vote for Obama the second time. After fours years I had enough of his “Hope & Change” and felt that he was a worse racist than I had ever been. This time, I need to help elect a Republican. I can not stand Hillary and her loose zipper husband. Bernie is a Socialist.

I like what The Donald has to say about many things including fences, sending them back, & not letting more rag heads in the USA (But he can’t seem to keep from offending other people) He’s almost too honest and not a “good Politician”. That’s why millions of people love him. He’s a breath of fresh air compared to the rest, both republican and democrat. He doesn’t need to take money from lobbyists or the republican party. This really pee’s them off… They can’t control him.

We need a “Businessman” NOT a “on the take” (They all are) politician this time. Lets try to go for someone who’s not on the take from lobbyists this time, not many are there? Trump seems to be mellowing his mouth a little more lately. And his National numbers are up considerably primary wise… But not his national electability. He’s offended to many wet backs, blacks and rag head voting USA citizens. He may be toast…

I do not want to waist a vote if he is “Not electable”. I did like the doctor but he’s now out of the picture. I did like Cruise… for a while. I did not like Rubio. He does not show up for his 175K job we voted him into here in FL. No one else lights my fire… I will vote for “whoever” of them if that’s the way the cards fall.

But, I sure would like to see The Donald be President. The wet backs would “self deport” in a hurry. And he would build our military back to pre Obama standards. The food stamp people would have to pass a drug test every month to get their “entitlement” money… He tells it like it Really is and how many Americans think but don’t have the guts to say…

At my hood’s clubhouse we were having a discussion the other day on how many people when asked via a telephone pole if they would vote for Trump… and would say NO. Even when they do intend to vote for him! Its not the in-thing to publicly be for Trump? I will vote for him in the primary (I got balls enough to say it). But if in the end, it does not look like he will get elected. I will vote for what ever republican looks like they have a chance to beat the democratic choice. I do not want a demon crat to win. I want to take our country back from all the “free loaders” We the working class can’t keep supporting them. More of them than us. We are on the same path that the Roman’s were…

Democrats: TV rumors are that if the FBI charges Hillary. The CA governor may jump in and vice President Biden may also. I forecast that Hillary has too much bad baggage, Bengazie, emails, Bill & etc., etc., etc… Even, many democrats seen to have had enough of her…

There’s my .02 and that’s what its worth… Any other opinions,?

As Always, IMHO.


They probably didn’t know he had money invested in their country when they made that statement. But 700 million British pounds is not a lot of money for a country like that anyway. So I think a lot of people were just playing politics in Trumps spotlight.

I don’t like Trump as a person. Basically he’s an ■■■■■■■.

I do like most of what he says except i don’t believe it’s possible, nor do I want to deport 11 million Mexicans , Most of whom are hard working (we had over 350 on our crews) tax paying people.

Seal the border and 30 years from now the current “illegals” will have died off. End of problem. A temporary ban on Muslims is something I can live with also.

On his other goals I support most of them wholeheartedly.

If push comes to shove will I vote for him? Certainly, I’m not stupid.

I have to agree.
My family mostly hates him.
So much so, I’m hoping they stay home.
Some are afraid for our safety if elected.
We’re less safe now than when It was duck and cover.
We tried a supposed genius someone whom everyone loves.

We need a leader who can make tough choices.
Someone who has a job and business experience doesn’t hurt.

I’ll take him or anyone over more of the same.

I have a very close friend from way back… We worked together at FoMo Co in 1963. He was a pilot, multi engine and instrument rated at 24 years young. A very high I.Q. person. We used to fly around buzzing the union hall on our stretched lunch hours. He got his ticket and advanced ratings on the GI bill. We both left Ford about 1966. He went off to make a living flying and I selling real estate.

We lost track of each other for a few years. He showed up at a real estate company that I was working at in 1972. He was then doing some flying out of Columbia. He stopped off at my apartment. His “company” had trarnfered him to MI as the Fed’s were hot on his trail. He dropped a pound of weed off and headed North to find and buy a air strip in N. Michigan for his “company”. He looked like a undercover cop, unshaven and driving a old four door Buick.

I did not see or hear from him until I retired to Florida. in 2001. He called me from Alaska and was working on a star wars laser program for Uncle Sam. Newly retired from the Military as a F-16 pilot. The government had educated him in computers. At that phone call, he did not tell me how he had gone from flying DC 3 cargo planes and dropping bales in FL to flying jet for the Navy and then working for the CIA. I received a box from AK a month later with a very special phone and a diagram on how to plug it in and what numbers to punch in before calling him. I then learned his amazing life story on that “secure” phone.

In 2010 he was placed on the Presidents security detail and flew in the air force 2 plane. Preceding the President in Air Force 1 by several days. He assisting in setting up The Presidents security. His job was to sit in a van with video monitors and radio connections to all the dark suited men with the sun glasses and wires in their ears. Along with armed men on the building tops. The van was painted with Coke Company signs on it.

In 2014 my friend finally retired U.S. government service and moved to Naples FL. He did make a few trips to some African countries to set up security systems on a per diem basis in 2015 for the U.S. TDY with in the year they call it. On a very generous U.S paid per diem basis.

Some of his closest friends are on the detail that now guards Mr Trump. My friend took me up to Tampa FL to meet and have a few beers with his friends just lately. They are a (very) interesting group of mostly retired military men. With more than a few interesting stories of my friend and their exploits with President O-Buma around the world. Interesting that they are all republicans.

The reason for this very long post is to let you know that Mr. Trump is not actually the man that you see speaking on your TV. He’s doing what he thinks will take Joe Paycheck to vote for him. And the democratic TV and press seem to want to show him in less than his best.

You will see a big change after he is nominated. And, even more when he is President. He is vastly more intelligent then any of you nay sayers may believe. He did not get where he is business wise on a low I.Q.

I had lunch with my friend in Naples today along with a few under cover cops and another retired navy pilot. A couple dudes were loudly shucking and jiving in the booth behind us on their cell phones. My friend took a little black box out of his pocket with two buttons on it. He pushed one of the buttons. Both of the phones of the two jive asses went dead and all the other phones in the place also. After the two clowns left, my friend pushed the other button and the cell phones of the remaining people went back to normal. Neat… I want one.


[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;29153]I don’t like Trump as a person. Basically he’s an ■■■■■■■.

I do like most of what he says except i don’t believe it’s possible, nor do I want to deport 11 million Mexicans , Most of whom are hard working (we had over 350 on our crews) tax paying people.

Seal the border and 30 years from now the current “illegals” will have died off. End of problem. A temporary ban on Muslims is something I can live with also.

On his other goals I support most of them wholeheartedly.

If push comes to shove will I vote for him? Certainly, I’m not stupid.[/quote]

When people start support someone racist and bigot like that trashy man, I believe that people are just losing their minds, judge others over their religion or country they came from is just nasty as his ugly face.

My opinion:
Trump is a Gold Plated Ass hole BUT Rubio and the rest of the bunch (except Dr Carson) are from the same mold of Politicos as we have seen in the past. They would be subservient to big business and special interests. In the end it would be business as usual.
Other than the Immigration issue I support Mr Trumps goals and believe he is the only one with balls enough to push them thru. Being a businessman I believe he is the only one who can stabilize the financial situation the country is in. Doing so will probably piss of bf a lot of people but we cant continue to give the country away.
He will support our Military and get the respect that we deserve from the other countries we deal with.
Its too bad that his personality clashes with PC norms but we need a STRONG President and he is here now and we better take advantage of that fact.
Mitt Romney is an established loser and should know better. The Party dissenters could have come up with a viable candidate and didn’t. Time for them to jump on the wagon and shut their mouth. Or they can go vote for the criminal and perpetuate the downward slope we are on now.
What say you?

The Democrats biggest issue with the Republican proposals for the future is the deportation issue.
Deporting several million people is a “Red Herring” It would be an impossibility to get Congress to go along. Privately both Mr Trump and Mr Cruz are fully aware of this fact. However there is a big block of voters that support this and will vote based on this rhetoric. Conversely, securing the border is a possibility and could be accomplished with Trumps leadership and enough of the country supporting it.
We are in the position of having to chose between 2 miserable choices. On one hand we have an unindicted criminal that will perpetuate the path of political cronyism and continue to lead us in the path toward fiscal bankruptcy.
On the other we have an unlikable blow hard. However: IMHO he WILL improve the Country’s financial situation and create a climate for more and better paying jobs. The country has needed a good Business Manager for many years. Our Grand Children need this.
Since we apparently won’t have any other choice Mr Trump will be the best choice for the country.
What say you?

Not that America really needs international support but what you think of Donald Trump upsetting many of the USA’s overseas allies?

He will shake them up BIG TIME… This has been needed for many years. Many groups and countries are getting our money with no benifit for the USA.!!!

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Trump will just start a new war somewhere in the middle east, kill more people, send more soldiers to unknown war and certain death while those who will come back will be depressed and lost, their families will be depressed, they will spend a lot of your money in a stupid war and at the end he will come and say :I’m sorry… while his bank account is full of dirty money coming from Industry of weapon and blood, American are the only people that we can easily manipulate by some stupid politics speech : we gonna get rid of Muslims and Mexicans and Blacks and bal bla and people are like morons : hell yeah get them out get america better… very very very stupid and ignorant, America has big relationships with Muslim countries, with Mexican over Cartel who work with CIA, a lot of blacks in Congress and Pentagon, these parrots like Trump or others are just saying those stuff to get votes. once in Oval Office he will be another man following the rules.

Should be good for the economy though.

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Money is not everything

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