Election Fact

Ya Know it doesn’t mean diddley who gets elected to us old farts. We aren’t going to live long enough for it to make a difference. HOWEVER: The people 40 and under should put aside anything you don’t like about Mr Trump and recognize that he is the ONLY one who has a chance of getting this country financially on it’s feet. If you don’t the country WILL go broke. ALL the social programs existing and proposed won’t be able to be funded in YOUR lifetime. You need to get SELFISH and get the country UNBROKE. After it is fixed the people 3 or 4 generations down the road can start the socialist ball rolling again. But you, your Children, and Grand Children will be OK. By electing Mr. Trump you may have a chance of turning the situation around. If you elect another Democrat we go broke in YOUR lifetime.

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You often find that people prepared to go out on a limb, such as Donald Trump, are the ones more likely to do something about issues such as the economic crisis. I am looking at the US situation from the UK and all we seem to hear about is Donald Trump’s controversial comments as opposed to his core plans for the economy. If we don’t see a change in politics then how will we see a change in the US economic situation?

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