Should the UK remain in the EU?

As we approach the UK referendum on continued membership of the EU, should the UK stay or go?

Would it impact the “special” relationship with the US? Would the UK be a stronger trading nation if it was outside the EU?

What do you think?

If you go it alone you could become a world power.

You would become unbridled from the constraints and compromises imposed by the weaker partners.


Nobody knows what would happen if UK goes. So who would have guts to vote to go? Only people who don’t care that they don’t know what is going to happen.

I think fear of the unknown will win the day in the end and the UK will vote to remain.

It is looking like a 50/50 poll today - result tomorrow morning and nobody has a clue what that is going to be!

BRITAIN’S GOT BALLS. Congratulations on stepping up and taking a chance on a future full of opportunity.

I think its going to be more difficult for them to trade and they will return to the union in time

we’re out of it now