Time to go EV?

I have been thinking of an EV for some time now - is it time to make the switch?

Hi! Depends on a location and your priorities. But in general - 100% yes!

I am in the UK and while the market is less developed than the US, what starts in the US tends to emerge in the UK a little further down the line. My only real concern at the moment is the battery packs but I hear the price is falling month by month?

Nothing to worry about. As I know there is filling station in some towns. And you can charge battery quite fast. But I am using electric trike, not a car, so I can`t advise you with 100%.

Do you get good value for money with your electric trike?

Well it cost me for about 2000$ (to create bike with help) and savings on fuel about 3000$/year if you trip a lot :slight_smile:

Wow that is some saving! I would be interested to learn how you created the bike.