The Thorium Plasma Battery – An End to Oil Company Slavery?

$500,000 Reward offered for whearbouts of Russian Plasma Battery Inventor Dimitri Petronov | Peak Oil News and Message Boards

I read the above link and now want to share it with everyone who drives a car that is powered with gasoline or a rechargable battery It is proof that the oil companies also control Russian politicians – not just American politicians. Perhaps they control the world? Think about this… Collectively the oil companies earn over $600 billion a year. (about $400 Billion of this represents profit) Now if YOU were making this kind of cash wouldn’t you also want to protect your income stream? They do this a number of different ways…

• They delayed building oil refineries for more than 20 years so the supply of oil was always kept very limited so prices pump prices would always remain high.

• They withhold information about huge oil reserves found in Russia, Canada, and China to keep the world in a near-panic state when in fact we now know we have enough oil to power the world for another 40-50 years (why would they want to lose another 50 years of record profits?)

• They allow OPEC to be their masters when in fact they are the buyers and not the sellers. The roles should be reversed! But since everyone makes more money with OPEC calling the shots, the oil companies conveniently dance to their tune. What company wants to make less profit than more?

• They spend over $700 million on lobbyists and campaign contributions in Washington every year
to delay or subvert legislations that would cap prices on long term oil contracts.

• They buy out or suppress any new technology that would reduce the world’s dependence on oil. Those inventors that refuse to sell their rights are either discredited, charged and jailed with phony crimes, suffer sudden strange deaths, or simply disappear like Dimitri Petronov and the American inventor “Danny” Here is a short list of energy martyr inventors…

  1. Stanley Meyer – Ohio inventor repeatedly demonstrated a car that ran only on water as a fuel was poisoned in 1998 after he refused multi-million dollar buyout from Arab investors. See this:
    Growing Growing Gone: Inventor Of Water Powered Car Murdered?

  2. Aries M. DeGues – Inventor of first Thorium plasma battery was a healthy man who suffered a sudden heart attack and died in 2007 on the very same day he was going to meet investors in Europe. See this: degeus patents

  3. MIT Professor Eugene Mallove was found beaten to death after doing a 3 hour radio interview about free energy from cold fusion . He also invented another version of the plasma battery. See: Thorium Plasma Battery Technology - Wrongly Top Secret? - Green Energy Reports - Open Salon

For a complete list of more than 2 dozen similar inventor victims, see the attached or go to Google and read up on “Project Orion” and “Technology Suppression”. Here is a starting link that proves the U.S. government is a willing accomplice in this technology cover-up:
The Orion Project - Suppressed Energy Technologies

From what I have read in just the last 2 days, plasma energy is not the big secret Uncle Sam wants it to remain. Anyone who has seen a thunderstorm with lightning bolts has seen plasma energy in action. If you read up on lightning you will be amazed at just how much electricity it contains. According to Stanford university physicists, if Kansas or Missouri could capture an use the electricity in all the lightning strikes in their states, they would have no need to purchase electricity again. So it stands to reason that if someone found a way to create synthetic lightning in a battery form, we could all be driving electric cars that need no recharging

BUT… There is a very good reason for the U.S. Government to keep us all hooked on oil and hides any new technology that would curb our addiction. It is called “money”. The U.S. government receives over $1 Billion a day in fuels taxes from citizens every day. State governments receive an average of $30 million per day in fuel taxes. Approximately 20% of the price of gas at the pumps are government taxes which accounts for over 30%-40% of state and federal revenues. If these fuel taxes are eliminated, how would politicians pay for the their pet projects pr build new aircraft carriers? In fact, they secretly want fuel prices to rise so they have more money at their disposal. A plasma battery in every car and truck would really cause financial distress for them and the oil companies. When confronted about this, the U.S. Patent Office and DoE, conveniently cite “national security”. Throughout history we have all been victim of “The Golden Rule”… He who has the gold makes the rules.

Here are more related links that prove this is not some conspiracy theory or a bunch of loons lose on the Internet (Be sure to note real patents that have been stolen or sealed and the credentials of the plasma players like Harvard, Purdue, MIT, Stanford, NASA, and Sandia Laboratories. The videos and attachments in these links confirm what we all suspected):

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I remember reading some where that it was illegal to make or sell solar cells the were over a set efficiency ratting. Well may never know just what wonderfull things the govermnet has locked away.