New Tesla battery selling like hot cakes!

Even the ever ambitious Elon Musk has been taken aback by demand for his new power system. It seems that consumers are even keener than business - is this the key to unlocking the future of EV travel?

Tesla’s batteries could be bigger business than electric cars

If fuel stays at $2.50 a gallon the demand for electric vehicles might stagnate. How ever the stationary market with SunPower needed a LONG LIFE storage unit that is AFFORDABLE. This is surely a step in the right direction


There is even talk that the battery side might become larger than the Tesla ev side in due course. Elon Musk likes to make money but his big buzz is creating lasting technologies that can change lives. The fact he has said he wont challenge others using Tesla patents for the good of the industry says everything.


A billionaire with integrity. Go figure.

I suppose there comes a point when you can “afford” to have integrity in business lol