Tesla shares rally after upbeat figures

While expectations for the electric vehicle market have never been higher, investment has never been greater and the pressure has never been as intense, Tesla still continues to deliver. After announcing a $75 million quarterly loss the company actually seems well positioned with much of this expenditure going towards excessive demand for the new Tesla Model S.

Are you confident that Tesla can continue to deliver on its promises and expectations in the medium to longer term?

As long as Mr. Musk is bcking up the company it will survive.

Back in the day John DeLorean Started a new brand of car but it failed due to lack of adequate financing. Likewise in the late 40s Preston Tucker failed for the same reason.

the difference here is that MR. Musk is a Billionaire and as long as he supports the venture it will live.

The real danger is that Elon musk gets bored and decides to spend more and more of his time with other ventures - of which there are many!

Rumour has it that as and when Tesla is sold it will go to Apple and become part of the Apple group. That rumour has been going around for many years now.

If/When Musk leaves the company is toast.

I said the exact same thing about Apple/Jobs, but they keep rolling along. I agree with you on this one though, but in my heart I wish it won’t be true :slight_smile: