Would the EV sector crash and burn if Tesla failed?

While there is no doubt that Tesla has taken the electric vehicle market to another level over the last decade, there are some concerns about the company’s long-term profitability. A number of stock analysts have been extremely critical of the company, finances, technology and even Elon Musk. In all honesty the extrovert entrepreneur has heard […]

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Of course not. Tesla is a better funded automobile company with an innovative product that may continue to flourish or may not. Others are developing similar products and will continue to do so in the future. History is rife with automotive companies that have failed, including those that have built electric cars. The electric car is now established and here to stay in some form or another. Some body will thrive producing electric cars.

Rodney Diehl

Historically first to market has not always been the most successful but then again there is nobody quite like Elon Musk. Initially he didn’t want to be as involved in the company as he is now but defections and fallouts meant he was forced to takeover leadership of the group. Remember, this is a man who started PayPal and sold it for a fortune.

I would add, that thanks to the EV1, Tesla was technically not first to market and came in with some know how about what to expect in the early years.

There are no voids in the market place, if Tessa fails someone else will fill that void.

The demand for this product has been confirmed. Someone will meet the demand, if not Tessa.

It was interesting to see that Tesla recently opened up all/some of the company’s patents to other third parties. So even if the company did go “pop” these Tesla patents would still be out there and available to anyone.