What are the real actual costs of a Thorium Plasma Battery?

Assuming we all were able to buy an affordable electric car and ban ICE forvere, what would the actual energy costs be to operate all these EVs using the Thorium plasma battery technology? I found this link which says only about $100 a year to power a complete home with one of the batteries, but no mention of the cost to power a car.

How can these radioactive Thorium plasma batteries be safe?

So does anyone have any good estimate? I still fin it hard to believe we already have batteries that never need a recharge with less radiation than a cell phone. I cannot think of anything more badly needed in the world.

Many things in our natural world radiate energy, the sun, stars, and 19 natural elements in our Earth - including Thorium (TH) which is a genuine gift from Mother Nature. FYI… Thorium is 100% natural and green because one pound of it can power and entire apartment building of 12 units for over 1 thousand years without requiring the burning of any fossil fuels, without emmiitting any emissions, without a carbon footprint, and without a negative impact on people, wild-life or the environment.
So its cell technology will be very helpful for people.