Pb versus Li battery pack

I am just starting a conversion… 1997 Suzuki Swift. I don’t need more than 25 mile range, so was planning on 12x12v Pb batteries like trojan-TMH. However, there seems to be a lot of buzz lately using the thunder sky TS-LFP90AHA.

I need some help determining how good/bad a deal it may be to consider these alternatives… to have ‘similar’ output of 12x12v trojans or US Batteries, I think I would need a 45 battery pack of these thunderskys… but would I need the 90AH model, or could I get by with the 60AH or 40AH ? There is a big difference in price, size, and weight… I just don’t know enough about batteries to compare apples to apples.

so… my question is which model TS would yield the most comparable range (AH), from which I can estimate the average cost per cycle. The rough numbers would use 300 cycles for Pb, and 1000 for the TS. Or is this not accurate?

Great choice for conversion. Where size, and weight are considered, you just could not do better.
If you only need a range of 25mi. you could really go either direction, and do alright.
I believe the Thunder sky, and Trojans would cost about the same in the long run (due to the TS lifespan) But you would have better performance, and better range with the Lithium, due to about a 450lbs. savings (even more weight savings with the 60AH) . This could mean the 60AH TS batteries would give you the range you need.
For some reason the Thunder Sky website claims 2000 cycles, but Everspring says 1000. If it is indeed 2000, this defiantly makes the TS a bargain. The problem is of course coughing up $10,000 all at once.
One question, Is your required range 25mi. door to door, or does this include a little extra for cold weather (not much of an issue w/TS) headwinds, ETC. If not be sure to add 5-10 mi. for these inevitabilitys.
My best guess would be to add four to six times the cost for the Trojans to compare overall costs to the Thunder Sky’s.
I am no expert, so please use a dab of salt, I have just been weighing the same question for quite a while myself. I have pretty much come to the conclusion, that if you can afford the up front cost, go with TS if not buy the Trojans, and start saving for Thunder Sky’s next time. Hope this helps, Eric

my typical cycle would be closer to 10-15 miles, but might include some time with the heater on in the winter. Its not very cold in santa fe, NM, so that is relatively minor. geography is fairly flat, mostly city stop/go for what I need it for.

I am hoping the 60AH model will suffice with resulting savings in weight and cost putting it into the ‘reasonable’ category.

During research today, it has been mentioned that i would need a ‘battery management system’, but I have no details… what the heck does this mean, and where would I get one for this TS pack I would build?