Trojan Battery introduces Trillium

Trojan Battery Company has introduced the Trillium line of Trojan Intelligent Lithium batteries
has not seen any prices yet

See if 6 can be connected in series. Many are limited to 48 volts.

It does say 12.8-92 on the sticker, I wonder if the means 12 to 92 volts? But that does not add up for batteries in series.

Is it 92ah?..

Nice catch - yes yes it is.

Ok this makes Total sense now. Dave and I have always been hearing about these magical Flooded Lead acid battery that other users here on the Fourm have been getting 20+ Miles range with standard battery’s. Perhaps these people had these “Special Lithium Trojans” & they never knew they were running Lithium the whole time!


Ok more inside the Joke.
Like I said Dave and I have been here for some time, we both get a laugh from people who say they get 20+ miles from standard flooded lead acid battery’s. (We call them the “Magical Flooded lead Acid Battery’s” ) We personally have never ever gotten anywhere close to 20 miles range out of the BEST brand new flooded lead acid battery’s (not even close) . So it’s a complete mystery to us both how people show up on the forum and can report that they are getting these amazing ranges and at speeds we can’t reach but somehow these other people are getting amazing results!!! Dave and I are keeping our fingers crossed that some day we will get these “Unicorn Battery’s” that will deliver 20+ miles of range in our gems (disclaimer) 20 miles range is totally possable on flooded lead acid battery’s but it better be 100% flat ground going 20 MPH or slower, down hill LOL LOL

Thanks for info
it was like Inwo say,Series connecions up to 4S 51.2volt

Newbie here - have a GEM 2003 Golf cart where the requirement is 72V …can we have the following configurations:
24V (2x12) with 3 in series making a total of 72V? Worst case if we cannot the inbuilt charger, can we charge it with an outside charger?
About to change my deep flooded Trojan batteries and if the price is right, this will be a good option.
Alternatively, DIY is a tough option.

DIY isn’t that complicated lots of info on here. Alternatively @Inwo has complete drop in solutions around or cheaper then all new Trojans that last way longer and are a much better deal especially after needing new Trojans again in 4-5 years.


Thanks for the info. Appreciate the feedback and how do I go about getting a quote for the equivalent of 6 x 12V Trojans for the GEM2003 with BMS …

My friend said he saw the Trojan battery’s at a solar show $2600 each

I can tell you what I have, but can’t make a fair recommendation on what’s best.
25s 60ah lifepo4 cells are $1250. It is my belief that bms is not needed. Use 2 sets for 120ah and I will match and configure to drop in.
In the next few weeks I will have 2018 Nissan leaf cells.

80ah 20s stock voltage $1850. Bms needed + ~$200.
Chevy Volt is best bang for the buck from a salvage yard.
@grantwest has the ultimate gem battery. Chevy Bolt with a B. 160ah ~$3k

Will the lfp 60ah get similar miles as the Trojans?
Personally, I never got even 20 miles from new flooded batteries.
The only lfp tester on here is running an a.c. motor skewing the results.

I have an 2015 e6 with 9x8volt Gel batteries a few years old and barely get 20 mile range especially loaded with family onboard.

^^^ Well then your doing very well^^^^
20 Miles range with a loaded e6 is about as good as you can every get. Any one telling you they are getting more is full of $hit.

Disclaimer: many factors can “fudge” this 20 Mile range (fantasy) I have complete confidence a e 6 could go 30+ miles on complete flat ground at 5-7mph NO PROBLEM perhaps even further. I live in a very hilly city and the 20 mile flooded lead acid battery gem is a UNICORN.

But in a real world Scenario you load people in the car and go up a steep hill and try and go 15+mph your lucky to get 5-7 Miles. On a city street you can’t go 5 mph (you will get run over or piss people off) going 25mph and getting out of people way REALY sucks the power out of your pack. So if you live on a golf course and you go 5mph sure your the 20 mile king no problem I believe you and your range claims. But if you use or your trying to use your gem like a regular car on city streets forget the 20 mile range fantasy

So what I’m trying to say is Don’t let anyone fool you about rumors this person is getting more range then you because they have this battery or that. I have had like 3 different brands of the top tear battery’s flooded lead acid battery’s Trojan, Deka, Us Battery. They are all the same.

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Tomberlin is the first OEM to offer Trillium in their vehicles

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