Doucumentary about Elecrtic Car Battery Production

Hi everyone,

I am serving as a co-producer on an independent short documentary tentatively titled Trono de Oro that will shed light on many energy/environmental issues.

The film will primarily focus on the indigenous salt farmers of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - the largest salt flat in the world. Car companies around the globe are vying for the opportunity to tap the resource beneath the salt - about 50% of the worlds known Lithium reserves lie there. This is the key resource for Lithium-ion batteries, which will power the new breed of electric cars. President Evo Morales and the Bolivian government have already started to build mining facilities on the outskirts of the salt flat. Our goal with this film is to contextualize this political situation, and document a changing indigenous community, as the lithium is tapped.

We are currently seeking funds to produce the project and are wondering if anyone has any ideas for people/organizations that would be interested in making a financial contribution.

For further information on the project you view our prospectus online at:

Thank you very much for your time.

Sounds interesting.

Of course it is a controversial subject. Yes, EVs are “better” than gas guzzlers, but then again, bikes wouldn’t require mining or energy production at all.

I hope your documentary remains objective and balanced and really does an accurate cost to benefit analysis of these pursuits.

We need to start changing our thinking about how we interact with our world. And perhaps electric cars are not the final answer. As an environmentalist first, and EV enthusiast second, I have to be prepared to accept that that situation could be the reality.